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UNCSA’s 5th Annual Day of Giving

Today is all about people. The purpose of the Annual Fund is to help as many emerging artists as we can. In these uncertain times, our artists’ needs take many forms. Our students still need pointe shoes, paintbrushes, sheet music and all the other tools that are essential for their artforms. And now more than ever, supporting our artists means addressing the specific demands of these challenging times: technology, care for physical and mental well-being, aid for unexpected financial hardships and more.

On Day of Giving, we come together as a community to show support for UNCSA and our extraordinary emerging artists. Will you make a gift to the Annual Fund to support our students’ immediate and long-term needs?

Your support allows our emerging artists to stretch their imaginations and push the limits of artistic expression. As they discover and refine their voices, they will provide what the world desperately needs during this unprecedented time: more empathy, more light, and more joy.

It all starts with you. Let’s power creativity together.


We are all in this together. For every 100 donors that give to the Annual Fund for each school challenge, that program will now receive $2,500 thanks to our long-term friend and benefactor Tom Kenan and other generous donors.

In addition, if we reach an overall participation goal of 600 donors, the Annual Fund will receive an additional $7,000 thanks to the generosity of our early March Day of Giving supporters.

Dance Challenge

Your gift will help fuel their fire, providing all of the resources our artists need to stay healthy, active, and focused on obtaining everything a UNCSA dance education has to offer.

Design and Production Challenge

Your gift today will help ensure our emerging artists have the tools, connections, and technical skills needed to thrive in a growing industry.

Drama Challenge

Your gift today will further ignite their passion, giving them opportunities to expand their natural abilities, finesse their acting skills, and connect them to a strong network of successful performers.

Filmmaking Challenge

Your gift today will drive innovation, giving students the needed access to technology, connections to industry, and opportunities to showcase their student produced films at regional and national film festivals.

Music Challenge

Your gift will strengthen their resolve by providing needed scholarship support, access to world-renown conductors and guest artists, and a wide variety of music experiences.

High School Challenge

Your gift today will inspire their wonder, giving our students the opportunity to combine traditional coursework with an immersive arts-based education.

Meeting Additional Needs: Student Emergency Fund

Emerging artists come with a variety of experiences and backgrounds. During these unprecedented times, many of our artists are facing unexpected challenges that create food and living insecurities, dampening their spirits. Your gift today will feed their ambition, providing relief from pressing needs that test even the most dedicated artist. In addition, you will be counted in the overall participation challenge.


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